Revive & Reinvigorate Your Spiritual Practice

Reboot, Reset or Reignite Your Sadhana with 21 Days of Tantrik Meditation & Contemplation

New beginnings are delicate times, and delicate times need strength and support. 2022 is a time of new beginnings in many ways, as we re-envision and re-invent our lives post-pandemic.

In times of great transition or upheaval, creating a fresh start rooted in your most cherished values is the wisest thing you could possibly do. This year, we’re here to make it easy for you to do just that.

This January, for 21 days, you will be challenged to meditate, contemplate inspiring Tantrik values based on the Yamas and Niyamas, and take a break from dependencies inhibiting you from experiencing your Aliveness to the fullest.

Explore rich Tantrik teachings.
Learn awareness cultivation practices.
Re-establish and revitalize your daily practice.
Feel supported in your New Year resolutions.
Usher in a spirit of new beginnings in 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: This course will be taken down on the 31st of January, 2022. It will not be available beyond this period. If you purchase this course, you may be eligible for a repeat of this course in the future at a discounted rate.

$149 or included in a Sadhaka Membership for $65/month
50% off for previous participants – you will be receiving a coupon code

Receive the Gift of Inspired Daily Practice

Join us!

Together, we will challenge ourselves to learn something new and practice each day in order to understand our shared values as Tantrikas.

In this course you will receive:

– A Rebooted, Reignited + Revitalized Daily Sadhana

– Remembrance of Why You Practice in the First Place

– Fresh Inspiration + Joy On The Path

– Support to Free Yourself from Your Dependencies

– Teachings on the 20 Tantrik Yamas + Niyamas

– Daily Meditation & Philosophy Teachings

– Three Live calls with Hareesh Wallis

– Support + Accountability from a Global Community

– A Time-Tested Tradition to Resource You in 2022

Meet Your Guide

Hareesh is founder and head faculty of Tantrika Institute, and the author of Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition and The Recognition Sutras: Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual Masterpiece. Initiated into the practice of yogic meditation at the age of 16, Hareesh received traditional yoga education at ashrams in upstate New York and India. He then gained higher education at university in religion and classics, Sanskrit, and classical Indian religions.

$149 or included in a Sadhaka Membership for $65/month
50% off for previous participants – you will be receiving a coupon code

The Guiding Power of the Tantrik Yamas + Niyamas

The Yamas and Niyamas are a set of 20 values or directives, which provide the perfect answer to the question “How do I act in the world?” as a human, and further a student of yoga. Rather than telling you what to do or what not to do, they are inspired guidelines that invite you into deeper contemplation and engagement with Life. The Yamas are interrelational, or guiding values for human connection and conduct, while the Niyamas are personal directions informing your own sadhana as a student of the path.

Cultivate a Practice Rooted In Your Deepest Values

In this program, Hareesh will offer these Classic Tantrik teachings and supportive practices in an accessible and digestible format to include:

– 21 Daily Video Lessons + Contemplations
– 21 Daily Inspirational Reminder Emails
– 5 Guided Meditation Recordings
– 3 Live Community Calls with Hareesh
– Bonus Resources & Handouts


Tantrika Online 2.0


1 – 21 January, 2022



Included in a Sadhaka Membership

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