Covid Agreement

Onsite Retreat- Guest Safety Notice

The safety and support of our community is and always will be our number one priority. Because we are so invested in prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our entire global Kula, we have put great consideration into the ethical timing to opening our Portugal center and offering retreats this year. 

We believe that it is important that everyone has the space to drop in and feel resourced through these teachings, so, this decision feels right to us if the conditions continue to support it. We agree to keep each of you informed as we receive any updates or changes come along, we will continue to keep a close eye on the CDC reports for global travel and health conditions, and we will be consistent in communicating with you should any changes occur.

Portuguese Health & Safety Compliance: 

Tantrika Institute Portugal is fully compliant with the following local government initiatives-

  • Portuguese Higher Commission for Migration- All onsite policies are in accordance and in full compliance with local, Portuguese public health and safety standards as defined by the Portuguese Higher Commission for Migration, and up to date HERE
  • Clean and Safe Portugal- as defined by Turismo de Portugal, and up to date HERE
  • General-Directorate of Health- By posting the following resources on-site:
    • Email- – for questions about COVID-19 disease 
    • Phone- 300 502 502 – for questions about COVID-19 disease 
    • Phone- 808 24 24 24 – if you suspect you have COVID19

Onsite Safety Measures:

Per the above organizations, the following measures are being taken on-site and in guest transit:

  • While onsite at TI Portugal, all guests are requested to respect the health, wellbeing, and personal comfort of other guests by maintaining a safe distance
  • TI has designated numerous “Safe Distance Zones”, located both indoors and outdoors across our 3 acre property. Each Safe Distance Zone provides ample space for a visitor to engage in practice while enjoying a peaceful, comfortable, and responsible social distance
  • All guests must sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the TI property and TI company transport vehicles, with provided hand sanitizer
  • While in transit within TI company transport vehicles, all guests are required to wear face masks
  • While onsite at TI property, all guests are requested to respect the health, wellbeing, and personal comfort of other guests by washing hands regularly, with provided sanitizing soap