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– LIVE Satsangs and Webinar Series weekly
– Full access to our Signature Courses & Series
– The 7-Facets of Tantrik Yoga Curriculum
– LIVE asana & embodiment classes
– Full access to the TI Library

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You can join our platform for FREE and engage in our community forums, occasional free live community calls, as well as our free library items including the first two lessons of The Foundations of Tantrik Yoga Part One.

Tantra Illuminated has allowed me to immerse myself in these ancient teachings and go deeper into myself with more understanding and love.

Basia Akalpita

I am exceedingly grateful to the TI team. If you are looking for life changing perspectives and the step by step guidance towards self discovery of a life changing paradigm shift you are absolutely in the right place.

David Buechler

The teachings of NST flowing through Hareesh changed my life this past year and Tantrika Online has even made it more accessible and organized so I can expand my learning. I hope to be able to share these practices to change other lives as well.

Anonymous – Student Survey 2021

The teachings are invaluable and something one can re-visit again and again. They are practicable and easy to apply in everyday life.

Jo Glenaman

Our Online Curriculum & Offerings

7 Facets of the Tantrik Path

The 7 Facets of the Tantrik Path, offers focused, and immersive instruction in seven unique paths within Tantrik study. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 7 FACETS CURRICULUM HERE!

Signature Courses & Series

Explore unique topics of Tantrik education through our Signature educational offerings. These signature courses and workshops allow you to bring further depth and richness to your Tantrik path.

TI Live

Attend a wide variety of livestream experiences to connect with the Kula and receive real-time instruction. These live events include satsangs, asana classes, Q&A sessions, and more.

TI Library

Our virtual library is stocked with satsangs, webinars, meditations, asana classes, Sanskrit classes, mantras, translations, Q&A, and more. You’ll never run out of materials to explore!

TI Community Forums

Connect with Tantrikas across the world in our active forums. We have dedicated study groups, as well as a variety of forums in which to ask questions, receive and give support and build friendships.

To see all of our offerings, please view this listing of our current content: